The Center For Family Preservation - Protecting Children, Preserving Families, Provoking Change
About Us
The Center for Family Preservation (CFFP) was created in response to the overburdened Child Protective Services (CPS) system in Texas.  Due to an overstressed child welfare system, families in some instances may not be adequately advised of their rights and/or sufficiently supported during their involvement with the agency, which can lead to high numbers of children being removed from their homes, taken into the conservatorship of the state and/or parents’ rights being terminated.  CFFP’s purpose is to support the CPS system by assisting families who get involved with the agency by, educating them about the CPS process, making them aware of their rights and supporting them during their involvement with the agency
CFFP, in line with its mission, has expanded its services to include support services to relative and kinship caregivers of children in foster care as well as services to the elderly.
The services provided by CFFP are:
  Educational presentations on CPS, the CPS process and Parent’s rights as well as senior benefits and services
      Support during all phases of the CPS process
       Support groups
      Transitional services
          Resource and referral services
As a 501(c) 3 non-profit, CFFP depends upon the charitable contributions of individual donors, foundations, corporations and other entities to support its work. 
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